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The #1 Team Building Concept is finally here in South Florida. People around the world have been enjoying this exciting team building training ranked #1 by the media.

The Escape Zone real situational room escape games in Miami are stimulating problem-solving activities designed to help group members develop and/or increase their capacity to work together effectively!


Hold your next team meeting, workshop, training or seminar in our intimate setting. Wow potential clients, celebrate birthdays, promotions or retirement at The Escape Zone. The possibilities are endless.

If you Love those amazing Brain Bending activities or any other Challenges and Fun then welcome to The Escape Zone!

The Escape Zone is South Florida’s first location specializing in  thrilling situational room team building activity. We take the entire situational room training to the next level.  Employers, employees, families & friends all around the world have been discovering  this live action situational room activity to escape the puzzle filled room.

With a location in Downtown Miami and several mind bending puzzles, The Escape Zone is a great place to have fun with coworkers, work on team building and to enjoy amazing live action puzzles.


Corporate Team Building

The Escape Zone model is used to help team members learn to work together more efficiently and effectively and become a more cohesive team.  A productive, high-functioning team.


Team Bonding

Makes more effective and faster decisions
Taps into the skills and knowledge of all team members
Eliminates wasting time and energy on destructive conflict
Creates a competitive advantage
Increase team engagement and commitment


Effective and Fun

Get your team working together, laughing together and most importantly, learning more about each other. Room escape Team building exercises help to personalize your co-workers. Your employees will talk about it for a long time to come.

The largest game - Up to 20 participants together in 1 game!

Up to 40 players can play at the same time.
Teambuilding trainings by The Escape Zone are a fantastic way to build self-esteem and test your puzzle solving skills. The experience is perfect for team building, family and friends, students and sport teams, special events, and corporate events as each room provides thought provoking situations and requires cooperation in order to escape!

Perfect for

Corporate Event
Team Bulding
Partner Event

For companies that want to get people to think outside of the box, situational escape rooms offers sales teams, marketing managers, and company partners a unique perspective of how to work together to overcome challenges.

Sports Team Event
Student and
club Event

Spending time with peers and friends and building lasting memories is essential to the strength of the fabric that binds us together.  Our rooms are designed to break up the monotony of boring board games… give it a try!

Family Event
Fun and Challenge

Whether you are planning a lifelong adventure with your family or just want to have some bonding time while equally challenging and entertaining your loved ones, our situations rooms will breathe new life into the relationship and uncover new compatibilities between family members.

The Escape Zone Situational Room Facts


People Participated


Teams Built


Locations and Growing





As a sales manager for my company, identifying great team building events is part of my job.  After bringing my sales people here… I am hooked!  This is the best team building events I have found.”


“As a professor who teaches forensics, this is a must do event for every class I teach.  Students learn a lot about themselves and working together to solve situations.”


“This was the best activity this summer, the kids loved it! They could not stop talking about it.”


This was so much fun! A wonderful team building experience with tons of laughs to boot. Is your team up to beating the Tomorrow’s Rainbow record?


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